The Emotion Machine

Oct 10

Oct 09

The Problem With Being “Too Nice”

too nice

Are you “too nice” to the point where you are being taken advantage of? Here are several studies showing the different ways too much kindness can sometimes backfire on us.

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You motivate yourself enough times to do something, and that becomes discipline over time. You practice until it is automatic - so that you no longer need that initial boost in motivation anymore, it’s just something you do consistently regardless of what you think or feel. Discipline is the transformation of motivation into habit.

Oct 08

Do You Talk About Your Problems Too Much?

talk about your problems

Every time you talk about a negative experience, you’re re-living it in your mind. The more you feel the need to share your problems with others, the more you are feeding into that negativity and pain.

This is especially true if you like to engage in exaggerated thinking when you talk about your problems. We all know people who are like this. They are experts at turning anthills into mountains.

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What’s something you really need someone to tell you today to make you feel better? Now say it to yourself.

Oct 07

How to Learn From Guilt and Improve Your Relationships


One important aspect of emotional intelligence is recognizing that every emotion, including negative ones like guilt, sadness, and shame, serve a purpose in guiding our behavior and improving ourselves in the future.

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Don’t let the ideals of perfectionism halt your growth and progress. “Good enough” eventually leads to “Pretty damn amazing.”

Oct 06

Turning Emotions Up and Down at the Flick of a Switch

turning emotions up

A really easy trick for dimming negative emotions and amplifying positive ones.

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