3 Reasons to Give People the Benefit of The Doubt

benefit of the doubt

When we don’t give people the benefit of the doubt, we are often forced to hold our own actions at a higher standard than others. Or, even worse, we have to deal with our own hypocrisy and cognitive dissonance when we make similar mistakes and try to justify them.

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The Echo Effect: How Repeating People’s Words Improves Social Interaction

echo effect

Repeating people’s words can be very important in building likability, comfort, and social connectedness. Psychologists are calling this the “echo effect.”

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Focusing Too Much on “Me” Can Lead to Depression


What’s the difference between self-awareness and self-indulgence? A new study shows that excessively using words like “I” and “Me” can lead to depression.

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Somewhere in the world, there’s someone else who feels exactly as you do right now.

If you find yourself repeating something and constantly being misunderstood, then it’s time to find a new way of explaining it.

3 Reasons to Give People the Benefit of the Doubt

benefit of the doubt

Never trust people blindly, but I believe it’s better give people the benefit of the doubt rather than be cynical about everyone and everything people do. If you don’t really know someone, you should assume they are a good person until proven otherwise.

Of course there are bad people out there who only do selfish things and don’t care about anyone else’s well-being – those people really do exist. But it’s important to recognize that they are a minority, and most people just want to enjoy life and be happy, even if they don’t always know the best way of doing it.

If you have strong reason or evidence to believe someone is a bad and selfish person, then be cautious around them or don’t interact with them at all. Save yourself from the trouble. But for everyone else, try to give them the benefit of the doubt that they are good people, even when they make mistakes or do terrible things.

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