"Health" is definitely one of my weakest areas of self-improvement. However, one positive thing I’ve been doing lately is switching my normal breakfast with a fruit shake. It’s a mix of strawberries, blueberries, banana, orange juice, crushed ice, as well as a scoop of yogurt and nutella. It’s really, really tasty.



3 Smart Rules to Follow When Changing Habits

changing habits

Do you have any habits you’re trying to change? Here are 3 smart rules to follow when changing habits of any type.

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How We Use Music to Manage Our Emotions


Check out these 7 different ways we use music to change our minds.

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The “What the Hell” Effect: Don’t Let a Couple Mistakes Distract You From Progress

What the hell effect

It’s very easy to get frustrated on the path of self improvement – almost too easy. We try to make a positive change, we slip up and make a mistake, and we quickly think “screw it” and give up.

Take for example, someone who is trying to quit smoking. They try to quit cold turkey – they successfully go a few days without a cigarette – then they cave in and smoke one while out socializing one night.

We often look back at an experience like this and consider it a failure. When we cave in to a bad habit even once, we begin to think “what the hell” and just give up entirely.

Psychologists are starting to call this the “what the hell” effect.

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The Wisdom of Body Awareness

body awareness

Body awareness is any form of awareness that is directed toward our physical appearance, movement, and sensations.

There are many different ways a person can improve their body awareness through different forms of meditation.

For example, a “breathing meditation” focuses on the sensations of breathing, a “walking meditation” focuses on the sensations of walking, and an “eating meditation” focuses on the sensations of eating.

Each one of these meditations above focuses on a different aspect of body awareness, and there are many more.

This article focuses on specific ways improving your body awareness can benefit your life.

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The Benefits of Fasting for 24 Hours


Fasting for a short 24 hour period, where you consume nothing but water (and sometimes low calories drinks such as black coffee or green tea), has shown to have several physical and mental health benefits.

This is a practice that I’ve been experimenting with for the past few months. I try it just once a month – but it gives me a physical and mental boost like none other.

Recent studies are just beginning to show some of the benefits associated with fasting. Check out these benefits for yourself, then consider scheduling a day to try it out. The effects may surprise you.

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