5 Lessons I Learned in School and Now Want to Forget


The different ways school killed my self-esteem and potential as a human being.

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The 20 Most Common Logical Fallacies We Fall Victim to Everyday

logical fallacies

Try your best to identify these logical fallacies in your own life and correct your faulty thinking.

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Reflection Improves Learning


What’s the difference between “information” and “transformation?” Reflection. We can’t just absorb information, we need to give ourselves time to digest it to truly learn something valuable from it.

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The Mastermind Effect: How Placebos Can Boost General Intelligence

Can the placebo effect be used to boost intelligence? New research suggests that it can.

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How to Improve Any Personality Trait


Everyone’s personality is a mixture between nature and nurture. While many of our personality tendencies may be determined by our genes, our personality is also very flexible depending on our learning and experiences.

We can improve certain aspects of our personality by learning more about the underlying thoughts and behaviors that reflect that personality, and how we can practice them in our own lives.

Our personalities change slowly over time – this article just teaches you how to have more influence over that natural process. It’s not telling you to be someone you’re not, only how to improve who you already are.

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How to Think for Yourself and Question Authority

I remember as a young teen when I first heard the words, “Think for yourself and question authority.” It was a soundbite of Timothy Leary being sampled in the Tool song Third Eye – I was probably 13 or 14 at the time.

The swirling guitars and synthesized chaos of the song along with the inspiring words created an atmosphere that was probably as close to an “insightful” or “psychedelic” experience as anything else I had experienced up until that age. It felt meaningful and liberating.

And even today these words carry a lot of meaning to me. The mantra “think for yourself and question authority” speaks to a simple truth, which is: society isn’t always right, and you have to trust your own heart and mind at the end of the day, no matter what anyone else thinks.

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