Today’s Affirmation: “I don’t need all the answers to move forward.”

Do You Talk About Your Problems Too Much?

talk about your problems

Every time you talk about a negative experience, you’re re-living it in your mind. The more you feel the need to share your problems with others, the more you are feeding into that negativity and pain.

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Experiencing daily stresses and annoyances is bad enough - I get it - but why then continuously re-live them by complaining and “sharing” them with others over and over again?

Not only are you making the experience worse for yourself, but now you’re polluting others with it as well. Learn to let go of the small stuff and not turn every ant hill into a mountain.

Have faith that things will work out, but learn to accept that they probably won’t work out the way you planned.

How the Law of Attraction Made Me Hate Myself

When I was first seeking self improvement about 8 years ago I was in a dark place, so I was pretty desperate and gullible. The more someone claimed they could help me, the more I was willing to devour everything they said.

I was quickly introduced to the promising ideas found in Law of Attraction, The Secret, and What the Bleep? – and I was captivated.

They offered the perception that everything in the universe was a product of my own mind. And if I didn’t like reality, all I had to do was change my mind and through some mysterious power in the universe things would begin to work out for me.

How can anyone not find that idea just wonderful and amazing? It makes you feel like some kind of omnipotent God.

Today, millions of people fall for this idea just like me, but I think in the long-term these fanciful ideas actually lead to disappointment, and in worse cases even self-blame and self-hate.

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100 breaths and let it go.

Things fall apart so other things can come together.

Things fall apart so other things can come together.