The Power of Asking Yourself Questions

One of the most useful tools we have while reflecting is the power to ask ourselves questions. Questions can help us begin thinking in new ways, which can then help us find answers that aren’t immediately apparent to our conscious minds.

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Give Yourself Time to Digest Big Life Events

big life events

Those feelings probably aren’t going to change overnight. Just be patient and understand every emotional experience is a process that needs to be digested.

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How to Change Your Emotional Style


Everyone goes about their emotions in a different way. Richard Davidson, a leading researcher of emotions, and also a professor of psychology and psychiatry at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, claims that we each have different emotional styles, which are comprised of six different components.

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The Power of “10 Second” Relationships

10 second relationships

Every time we leave our homes, there is opportunity for social interaction. Studies show even just small “10 second” relationships boost positive emotions.

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Do You Talk About Your Problems Too Much?

talk about your problems

Every time you talk about a negative experience, you’re re-living it in your mind. The more you feel the need to share your problems with others, the more you are feeding into that negativity and pain.

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The Power of Walking


Sometimes all you really need to fix your problems is a nice, pleasant walk.

Do you ever find your mind wrestling over something and all it does is stress you out, but then you decide to go for a short 15-20 minute walk at a park, beach, or just around town, and you come back feeling infinitely better?

That’s the power of walking, and a lot of new research shows that walking can have numerous benefits on both our physical and mental health.

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Patience and the Healthy Expectation of Future Difficulties


Patience often comes with accepting that struggles and hardships are a part of life, and it thereby prepares us to face these struggles and hardships when they actually happen.

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3 Sources of Happiness That Aren’t Tied to People or Stuff

sources of happiness

When your happiness is only tied to things that are always changing, you’re going to get easily caught up in the “highs” and “lows.” In certain times, it’s necessary to have sources of happiness that aren’t tied to anyone but yourself.

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How to Create Psychological Distance Between You and Your Past

psychological distance

Check out these unique tools for creating more psychological distance between you and your past.

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