Be too distracted by the positive to even have time to think about the negative.

How to Completely Forgive Yourself

forgive yourself

The first step to forgive yourself is to accept that everyone makes mistakes…experiencing shame and embarrassment doesn’t mean that you are inferior to anyone – it just means you are a human being.

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How to Be 100% Honest With Yourself


Being honest with yourself can be painful but highly rewarding. When honesty meets your willingness to change, there is no telling the ways you can grow and improve.

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5 Reasons to Calm Down Your Analytical Mind

analytical mind

Your analytical mind comes with both advantages and disadvantages. There are certain situations where it’s better to calm down too much thinking and rationality.

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Urge Surfing: How to Overcome Addictive Behaviors

urge surfing

Learn to “ride out” urges and desires, instead of impulsively acting on them. This is a great way to overcome negative habits!

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50 Stress Relievers That Take 5 Minutes or Less

Check out these 50 simple and effective activities you can do to help relieve stress throughout your day.

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Don’t Underestimate Good Intentions

good intentions

New research shows that good intentions can increase pleasure, decrease pain, and even make candy taste sweeter. How else may good intentions improve our everyday lives?

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Labeling Negative Emotions in the Moment Can Help You Overcome Them

negative emotions

A new study has found that labeling negative emotions as you experience them can help you overcome them.

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