How to Create Psychological Distance Between You and Your Past

psychological distance

Check out these unique tools for creating more psychological distance between you and your past.

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Start Living More as Your Future Self

future self

The successful person is strongly connected to their “future self.” They see where they want to be in 5, 10, 20 years – and how they can start moving in that direction today.

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The Mindbus Technique: A Visualization for Defusing Negative Thoughts


The mindbus technique is an exercise where you imagine yourself as the driver of a bus and your thoughts as just temporary passengers riding along with you. This is a great way to distance yourself from negative thinking.

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Learn to anticipate good things for the future.

Learn to anticipate good things for the future.

Imagining Positive Conversations Can Improve Cooperation

When individuals imagine positive conversations and positive outcomes in their relationships, they are more likely to believe in their plausibility, which prepares them to actually be more positive and cooperative in their real world relationships.

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How to Make Mental Notes That Stick

mental notes

Try out these powerful tips to help you create mental notes that actually stick in your mind.

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How to Improve Any Personality Trait


Everyone’s personality is a mixture between nature and nurture. While many of our personality tendencies may be determined by our genes, our personality is also very flexible depending on our learning and experiences.

We can improve certain aspects of our personality by learning more about the underlying thoughts and behaviors that reflect that personality, and how we can practice them in our own lives.

Our personalities change slowly over time – this article just teaches you how to have more influence over that natural process. It’s not telling you to be someone you’re not, only how to improve who you already are.

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Negative Visualization: 3 Meditations on Suffering and Tragedy

negative visualization

Trying to only think positively can give you a distorted and unhealthy view of reality. It doesn’t prepare you for the hardships and tragedy that many of us will often face throughout the course of our lives.

There’s a tool called negative visualization that can help you build a more grounded and realistic view of reality. The basic idea is to imagine the different ways your life could be much worse than how it really is.

This teaches you to accept the pain, negativity, and suffering that exists in the world. And by doing this, you learn to better prepare yourself for the ups and downs in your own life.

Negative visualization also teaches you to see the “bigger picture” of your life and how grateful you should be because of the many ways your life could be much worse.

This article covers 3 different types of meditations on suffering and tragedy that you can use as part of your own negative visualization exercise: sickness, death, and poverty.

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Hypnosis Exercise to Release Stress, Anxiety, and Pain

hypnosis exercise

Hypnosis is the power of suggestion. It’s our ability to change our mental state through the use of language, symbolism, and imagination.

In this article, I share a hypnosis exercise that I created a few years ago to help me release stress, anxiety, and pain. It’s simple and easy to follow, but it can be very effective.

This is also a perfect exercise for beginners who may have never tried hypnosis or visualization before.

Start by reading the instructions below, then once you understand all the steps try practicing it on your own. Please remember to have fun with it and don’t take it too seriously.

If you are too critical of yourself during hypnosis, it’s going to weaken the effects. A big part of it is letting your imagination go – think of it as “playing pretend” inside your head.

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