Meditation Guide: Exercises to Improve Awareness in Your Everyday Life

meditation guide

Meditation is a path of self-awareness and self-discovery that anyone can embark on. Get started today!

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Know Your Passion: 5 Identifiers of What Really Makes You Tick


How do you know when you’ve found a passion of yours? These 5 key things are a good indicator of what makes you tick.

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Focusing Too Much on “Me” Can Lead to Depression


What’s the difference between self-awareness and self-indulgence? A new study shows that excessively using words like “I” and “Me” can lead to depression.

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3 Everyday Tasks To Apply Mindfulness To

apply mindfulness

Learn how to improve your focus and attention no matter what you’re doing, and how to apply mindfulness to your everyday activities.

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Too Much Awareness Can Be a Bad Thing

too much awareness

Every now and then it’s good to step back and reflect on ourselves and the state of our lives, but too much awareness can be a bad thing too. Here are some interesting ways too much awareness can hurt us.

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Being too focused on the specifics makes you forget the bigger picture.