Why Confidence Is One of The Most Important Traits to Our Evolution


Confidence is one of the most important traits in achieving a happy and successful life. In fact, a recent study published in the scientific journal Nature explains how confidence once played an important role in our evolution.

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Happiness Is a Perspective: Why It Doesn’t Matter if You Win the Lottery or Lose Your Legs


When you think of happiness as a perspective, you can take it with you regardless of any circumstances you find yourself in.

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3 Everyday Tasks To Apply Mindfulness To

apply mindfulness

Learn how to improve your focus and attention no matter what you’re doing, and how to apply mindfulness to your everyday activities.

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3 Types of Exaggerated Thinking That Create Unnecessary Drama


Watch out for these 3 types of exaggerations that can create a lot of unnecessary drama and stress in your life.

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Self Improvement Quiz: 20 Questions to Evaluate Your State of Self Improvement

How to Completely Forgive Yourself

forgive yourself

The first step to forgive yourself is to accept that everyone makes mistakes…experiencing shame and embarrassment doesn’t mean that you are inferior to anyone – it just means you are a human being.

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