Patience and the Healthy Expectation of Future Difficulties


Patience often comes with accepting that struggles and hardships are a part of life, and it thereby prepares us to face these struggles and hardships when they actually happen.

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3 Sources of Happiness That Aren’t Tied to People or Stuff

sources of happiness

When your happiness is only tied to things that are always changing, you’re going to get easily caught up in the “highs” and “lows.” In certain times, it’s necessary to have sources of happiness that aren’t tied to anyone but yourself.

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How to Create Psychological Distance Between You and Your Past

psychological distance

Check out these unique tools for creating more psychological distance between you and your past.

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7 Things to Remind Yourself When Interacting With Difficult People

difficult people

We all have to interact with difficult people throughout the day. These are never pleasant experiences, but these helpful reminders can make the process a lot easier.

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Creating Boundaries Between You and Your Bad Habits

bad habits

When you can’t always rely on sheer willpower to change yourself, one tool you can use is creating more boundaries between you and your bad habits.

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Better to be honest and hurt in the short-term than be dishonest and hurt in the long-term. #Honesty

Meditation Guide: Exercises to Improve Awareness in Your Everyday Life

meditation guide

Meditation is a path of self-awareness and self-discovery that anyone can embark on. Get started today!

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How Perfectionism Destroys Happiness


If you want to never be happy or satisfied with your life, one great way to do that is to raise your expectations to an unrealistically high standard that can never possibly be met.

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