Change Starts Right Now!

Any place you want to go in the future must first begin with the choices you make today.

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The 5 Key Stages of the Creative Process

creative process

A complete breakdown of the creative process. Learn how it works and improve your own creativity.

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The Power of Leisure

Leisure plays a huge role in our overall happiness and well-being. A new study reveals 5 main ways we benefit from leisure. Are you getting all your “leisure needs” fulfilled?

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When Too Much Empathy Blinds Us

Empathy is a very useful ability to have, but at times it can be misused and abused. Learn more about the limitations of empathy and how too much can blind us in certain situations.

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Giving Ourselves Permission to Feel Bad

When we look toward others for support, what we’re often searching for is “negative validation” - someone to just listen and accept our negative thoughts and emotions, without trying to change them.

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The Right to Take Up Space

If someone doesn’t feel like they have the right to take up space, they are going to get literally and figuratively walked over throughout their whole life.

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What does it mean to start a new chapter in your life?

How do you know when one chapter ends and another begins? Is it a physical boundary that you cross, or a mental one?

Pay Attention to Family Patterns and Know When to Change Them

family patterns

Our family and close relatives are often times one of the strongest factors in shaping who we are and what we become later in life. You can’t fully understand yourself if you haven’t first looked at the patterns that run through your family.

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