How to Change the Way You Process Negative Memories


The way we think of past events in our lives is very flexible and subject to change. We can take this flexible nature of our minds and use it to process negative memories in different ways that benefit us instead of holding us back.

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If you don’t look back at your past and sometimes feel a little embarrassed, then you probably haven’t grown at all.

How to Create More Psychological Distance Between You and Your Past

psychological distance

Many people have a hard time letting go of the past. They carry it around with them, ruminate about it constantly, and let it have a big impact on how they live their lives in the present moment.

Of course the past will always be something that influences you to some degree. A lot of who you are and what you’ve learned is the culmination of experiences from your personal history.

However, while the past may influence your future, it doesn’t have to dictate it. And it doesn’t have to be something that always looms over your shoulder wherever you go.

Instead, we can create a space between ourselves and the past that allows us to grow in new ways. We can do this by creating a type of psychological distance, which is the subjective perception of how far away something is from your current reality.

This article covers key guidelines and tools you can use to create more psychological distance between you and your past.

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What happens to you is objective, how you interpret it is subjective.

I dedicate a little time each day to look back and learn from the past. It gets it out of my system for when it’s time to be in the present.

Sit, watch, learn, move on.